This layer allows you to control bump of objects. Bump is a technique for adding detail to your scene geometry without having to model it first. The concept is very similar to material displacement. However, bump is a shading effect that only changes the appearance of a surface, while displacement actually modifies the surface.

Amount – the amount of bump. A value of 0.0 means the object will appear unchanged. Higher values produce a greater bump effect. Intensity of the bump is sets in really world units, thous units are taken from the c4d units of the file, if you change the units there also the bump size changes accordingly. Bump amount value can`t be negative.

Delta Scale – this parameter allows you to control the softness/sharpness of the bump effect. Higher values generate sharper transitions in the bump effect while lower values generate softer looking bump effect.

Map Type – here you can define type of texture map file, simple image texture or normal map in different space.

Texture Map – here an image texture or shader can be defined.

Invert – This option simply inverts the Texture Map, so bump is reversed.