There are many new shaders available via the V-Ray shader in the shaders menu, we recommend for highest quality, that for using bitmap textures always to use the “VrayAdvBitmap” shader. It is a power bitmap shader, already including color correction controls, and the image quality is higher than with the internal c4d bitmap loader. also it loads hdri images correct from beginning. in addition if you always use this shader for bitmaps you are already ready for using it in V-Ray DR.

There are also many high level procedural V-Ray shaders, one big difference with the c4d shader system is that yo can endless combine them. so where every we have a plain color in c4d shaders, in V-Ray shader you can use another shader, or bitmap as input. with that ,you can build very complex and sophisticated shader networks, unthinkable in normal c4d shaders. It take sometime to get into the shaders, we think it is very worth it.

Please note that f you use vraybitmap shader please do not put them in c4d filter shader or c4d layer shader, this is not possible and will result in blue or pink material previews, use V-Ray shaders for that (V-Ray layered shader, vrayadvbitmap controls)