The Material RenderID Render Element provides a mask for individual objects and materials that is easy to select in compositing software.

This render element either shows each material (by Material ID) as a solid unshaded color, or stores the Material IDs as integer values within the EXR format or V-Ray Image Format file. The Material RenderID for a material can be set in C4D in the Material Editor.

The Color (with AA) method supports antialiasing at the edges of objects where they meet other objects or the background. The Integer (no AA) method, which assigns a Material RenderID to each pixel in the render element, does not support antialiasing as each pixel can have only a single Material RenderID assigned to it.

Common Uses

The Material RenderID Render Element is useful for isolating geometry in a scene so it can be enhanced or adjusted with post-production or compositing software.

Material RenderID Render Element

Matte created in composite by using only the red channel representing the glass

Original Beauty Composite

Glass enhanced using Material RenderID Render Element red channel (as a mask in the composite)