The Raw GI Render Element stores how much indirect lighting (reflected diffuse light) is received by surfaces in the scene. This raw element is useful for fine-tuning indirect lighting in the compositing process.

The V-Ray Raw GI Render Element is untouched by the diffuse colors of the scene and represents the pure indirect lighting contribution. You can use this raw element to reconstitute the V-Ray GI by multiplying the V-Ray Raw GI with the V-Ray Diffuse.

This raw render element must be rendered along with the Global Illumination element ( V-Ray GI ) for proper results.

Once the scene is rendered, the V-Ray Raw GI Render Element is useful for changing the appearance of indirect lighting in a compositing or image editing application. Below are a examples of its use.

Raw GI Render Element

Original Beauty Composite

Brightened GI

Tinted and Brightened GI

Compositing Formula

V-Ray Raw GI x V-Ray Diffuse = V-Ray GI