V-Ray Proxy 2 – Render Instances

V-Ray Proxy 2 allows you to spread objects over scene in an incredible amount of copies (instances).

V-Ray Proxy 2 use Cinema4D Render Instance feature to activate proxy. All you have to do is to activate Render Instance with any Instance you work – Mograph, Instance, Array or any other Instance third part software that allows to use Render Instance C4D feature.

V-Ray Proxy 2 also works with C4D Selections.

VRAYforC4D also support  VrayProxyFile, as legacy, but we strongly recommend to use V-Ray Proxy 2 system with Render Instance. Minor advantage of VrayProxyFile is that the object geometry is not present in the memory or scene and does not take many resources of viewport. What allows to manipulate scene in fast way, but same level of speed can be achieved with Display Tag on Instance object.

V-Ray Proxy 2 – Viewport Optimization

Most of the time you don`t need to see all your proxy object copies in viewport in full details and sometimes not all instances there are ways to optimize viewport preview of proxy – instance that you can use in Cinema 4D

Proxy object viewport optimization

For this purpose you just place C4D Display Tag on object that used for Render Instance spreading.  You can change settings of it to have needed representation of object in viewport.


Don’t forget that you always can switch off object to be displayed in viewport, completely with c4d

Proxy Instances Group viewport optimization

For this purpose you just place C4D Display Tag on mograph Cloner or other object that used for Render Instance spreading.  And change Level of Detail of it to percent of objects you want to see in viewport from all objects amount  that was spreading over cloner object.

Here you see all object

Here you see only 20%.

Important – When you render with Viewport Render Region you will see amount of objects affected Level of details, but in Render to Picture Viewer all objects will be rendered. This way you can do test renders with smaller amount of proxy and final render with all proxy in render.

V-Ray Proxy 2 support use of Xref, if it was used like source for Instance (Render Instance), this way you can use all advantages of V-Ray Proxy 2 and still have scene file small and flexible.