V-Ray Camera Lister is dialog window that lets you control a number of features for each camera. To display information, this dialog requires at least one camera tag in your scene.

Select – click here to select camera.

Name – here you can change name of camera.

Type – specifies the type of the camera -.

White Balance – allows additional modification of the image output. Objects in the scene that have the specified color will appear white in the image. Note that only the color hue is taken into consideration; the brightness of the color is ignored.

Film ISO – determines the film power (i.e. sensitivity). Smaller values make the image darker, while larger values make it brighter.

F-Stop – determines the width of the camera aperture and, indirectly, exposure. If the Exposure option is checked, changing the f-stop will affect the image brightness.

Speed/Angle/Latency – the shutter speed, in inverse seconds, for the still photographic camera, shutter angle (in degrees) for the cinematic camera, CCD matrix latency, in seconds, for the video camera.

MB – turns on motion blur.

DOF – turns on depth of field sampling.