V-Ray Light Lister is dialog window that lets you control a number of features for each light. To display information, this dialog requires at least one light object in your scene.

Select – click here to select light.

Name – here you can change name of light.

Type – specifies the light type.

Intensity – the light intensity in the units chosen by the Intensity Units parameter.

Units – allows choosing the light units. Only in Area light type mode. Using correct units is essential when you work with the VRayPhysicalCamera. The light will automatically take the scene units scale into consideration to produce the correct result for the scale you are working with.

Color – the color of the light. When using photometric units, this color is mixed with Filter color from IES Light tab.

S Subdiv – this value controls the number of samples VRAYforC4D takes to compute lighting. Lower values mean more noisy results, but will render faster. Higher values produce smoother results but take more time. Note that the actual number of samples also depends on the DMC sampler settings.

C Subdiv – this option controls the amount of photons that VRAYforC4D will trace to estimate caustics. Large numbers slow down the calculation of the causticsphoton map and may take more memory.

Decay – allows choosing the behave of light intensity with distance. normally the light intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the light (surfaces that are farther from the light are darker than surfaces which are closer to the light).

Shadow – when on (the default), the light casts shadows. Turn this option off to disable shadow casting for the light.