The Options allow you to control various aspects of the renderer globally with quick change of main settings. The V-Ray Quick Settings dialog includes presets, with the ability to create custom presets. The parameters that are set automatically in this dialog can be set manually in the Render Settings window.

Render Engine – choose render engine

  • Bucket – Renders the final image one box at a time. This method uses the adaptive image sampler which takes a variable number of samples per pixel depending on the difference in the intensity of the pixels.
  • Progressive – Progressively samples the entire image.

Render Settings – current render settings with title.

GI Quality – allow you globaly control GI quality render settings. You can also select combination of first and second GI methods.

Shading Quality – allow you globaly control shading quality.

AA Quality – allow you globaly control AA quality.

Click Render and the magic will begin!